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ガットフィオーレへようこそ - welcome to agate -

最近、花屋さん側のコンセプトを強く打ち出しているお店が多いと感じます。「それってもしかしたら、花屋側の押し付けなのではないのか?」「お客さまの求めている、あらゆるニーズに対応できることが一番のサービスなのでは?」そこで考えました…「素直に、お客さまの声を聴こう!」それが私たち「gatto fiore(ガット フィオーレ)」のポリシーです。 Our Concept : We feel that many florists these days strongly advertise their own "concept". Yet, we can't help but wonder - is that not an imposition? Surely meeting the customer's needs is most essential to a good-quality service? Thus, it is gatto fiore's policy to "Simply listen to our customer's wishes".


gatto fioreにはたくさんの人が訪れます。ベビーカーを押したお母さんは、自宅用にミニブーケ(お母様がお花のご注文中、スタッフは、やんちゃなお子様のにわか保母さんになったり!)。犬・猫を散歩中の方々は、ペットプランツをお買い上げ(ペットの来店歓迎です)。外国の方が、彼女に1ダースのバラのプレゼント!(この商店街は外国の方が多い気がします)。 車椅子でのご来店や、杖をついたお年寄りのご来店e.t.c...狭い店内が大渋滞になることもしばしばです。

Make Yourself At Home : Our shop is filled with seasonal flowers! We have a huge range of pot plants to offer, too.
Feel free to take your time to choose what you fancy.
Gatto fiore welcomes many customers each day. Mothers with their push chairs purchase mini bouquets for home (whilst they order flowers, our staff may step in as temporary nannies!). Those taking a stroll with their dogs and cats buy some pet plants (pets are always welcome). An international customer picks a dozen roses for his sweetheart! (We feel that our shopping mall is quite multicultural.) Some customers stop by with wheelchairs and so do elderly customers with walking sticks…our shop is frequently crammed with customers.
We wish as many customers as possible to take a look at our shop inside and out. We eagerly await your visits, with our shop entrance wide open.


gatto fioreはバラが好き


だからgatto fioreではバラに限らず、切花は旬のもので、その時期に一番よい花を咲かせる産地のものを選んで仕入れるように努力しています。「gatto fioreのお花ってけっこう持つのねー」という声が聞きたいからなのです。

Beautiful & fresh flowers at Reasonable Prices : Gatto fiore loves Roses
It is our passion to find unusual as well as beautiful roses (bidding at the flower market is a serious business). When we recommend roses to customers, sometimes they say "Roses do not stay fresh without water" or "They do not last long" - and we feel that this is a shame.

Roses can stay fresh without constant watering, and can last a long time. There is a whole range of roses. Although some roses never bloom…. some bloom for a long time, and their blooming depends on the freshness and quality of the flower.

So at gatto fiore, we ensure that we offer not only high quality roses, but also fresh flowers in season. It's because we want to hear the words, "Flowers from gatto fiore DO last!".


Flower shop agateは
gatto fioreとして心機一転、頑張っていきます 。
gatto fiore(ガット フィオーレ)はイタリア語で“猫と花”です。

Our name was changed : we have been running our shop for 8years as the "flower shop agate".
Turning over a new leaf, we will make an effort continuously with a new name "gatto fiore".
"gatto fiore" means cat and flower in Italian.
Because we love them so much.

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