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TOP ガットフィオーレへようこそ 手づくりブーケ教室 季節の花々をどうぞ FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS

We at gatto fiore, sincerely wish to assist you with your floral gifts.
It is also our aim to develop as a business by absorbing international influence in floristry.
We have already received a number of internet orders from overseas customers for delivery to their international friends resident here in Japan, and we have been doing our very best to meet their floral gift needs with our limited use of English.
A few things occurred to us whilst delivering flowers to our international customers over here.
Isn't it the case that in the cultural background of international customers flowers are more appreciated than in Japan, and there are more occasions to send flowers?
So where do those of you who are not exactly fluent in Japanese order flowers?
Whilst pondering the above, we at gatto fiore began to strongly desire to assist you more with your flower giving.
We are able to arrange flower delivery all over Japan as you wish (a few exceptions apply - for details, kindly refer to the online ordering page). We are also currently in preparation to send orders from Japan to overseas destinations.
Our bilingual website may lead you to think that we are fluent English speakers…
well, we are not! But, we so very want to be of service to you. We know that international customers truly appreciate flowers - so much so that delivering them is a joy for us. We are not so good with English, but we take great pride and joy in our work.
It may sometimes take a little time for us to respond to your internet orders, but we intend to meet your every requirement in every way possible. Your orders are always welcome.

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