SHIGENARI OHNISHI ...The Transformation of His Expression...

diana poster

PENTAGON's album cover@@cover design of "WILD AGE"

1976 -
Super-real Period

He went to the USA and studied at School of Visual Arts (SVA) when he was 25 years old.
After coming back to Japan, illustrated for the cover design of "WILD AGE" and other magazines and albums.

The art director was all Ms.Eiko Ishioka.
Mr.Ohnishi learnt how much the creation works were hard and realized the need of more skills.
Ms. Ishioka emphasized the importance of concepts and to know what he wanted to do as an illustrator.
Super-realism was getting popular at the time.

The back of THE PENTAGON's album cover.
The front side is a picture of 5 raw eggs.

collage (MUHAMMAD ALI)

Herbie's album cover

1978 -
Picture Collage Period

Collaged pictures and finished with airbrush.

Expressed super-real worlds by using airbrush.

The album cover ordered from HARBIE HANCOCK.
Compounded a picture of a foot covered with gold powders and a picture of marbles, then added the splashes.

Album Cover(Ryuichi Sakamoto )

Gips Art-1 Gips Art-2

1980 -
Gips (Sick) Arts Period

The works he really wanted to create personally.

All the time he was thinking how to get other people's attention.
The uneasy feeling brought an extreme way of expression.
He got fame like Lulu Picaso, a French extremist, but got fewer jobs.
At the time, he tried to ride on the wave of expression occurred simultaneously in the world.

CG works-1

CG works-2

CG (Computer Graphics) Period

Many magazines paid attention to these CG works and wrote articles about it.
This kind of expression was also his way to distinguish himself from many other young illustrators.

By this time, he has learnt not to be influenced by mode.

Hard Edge Collage-1

Hard Edge Collage-2

1982 - 1984
Hard Edge Collage Period

After the experience of using airbrush and CG, he desired to create things with his own hands. But he tried not to use brushes.

Hard edge collage was the way to show his determination not to be same as new style, which was getting very popular and to be accepted by the society at the time.



1984 - 1987
Primitive Brush Period

Returned to the works that he could create alone.
Originally, he created illustrations by himself, but in the field of advertisements, especially CG, he had to work with other people and often the human relations made him tired.

At this time, he used the same brush to create primitive form more softly.
He began to change his expression to the way to talk to people tenderly, instead of shocking them.

This became his constant attitude to his illustration works.



1987 -
An Epoch to Object Creation

The art director Mr. Kohichi Hara brought an idea to Mr. Ohnishi to make his works with soft airbrush into 3D objects.

So he did. And it was the work of "SARALIN SOFT".
This is how he started creation of 3D objects.

When people see his objects, they say: "Oh, it's so cute!"
This quick response is the best reason for him to keep creating objects.