Land Information

Front of the EYE HOUSE
Eye-catching posters placed in
front of the EYEHOUSE.

August, 2002 LAND is closed every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but it will be open during August 14th to 16th,.

SHIGECHAN LAND will record 2,000 visitors soon!
(Shigechan is estimating it will be in August.)

SHIGECHAN LAND will present a nice gift to the 2,000th visitor.
What the gift can be? Wait and see...
You may be the lucky 2,000th visitor!
Please hurry and come to LAND!

July, 2002 Many kinds of colorful butterflies come to LAND and sometimes they stay on the objects.
June, 2002 From this year, large sized busses can access to LAND. Please come to LAND and enjoy.
May, 2002 Reopen on the 1st of May. SHIGECHAN LAND will be closed every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in this year, 2002