General Information

Address: 256 Aza-Aioi Tsubetsu-cho Abashiri-gun Hokkaido,
092-0361 Japan
Tel, Fax No: Tel: 090-5222-8580 Fax: 01527-8-2011
Opening Hours:

10:00 to 17:00

Closed: Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (Open when it is a national holiday)
1 November to 30 April
(By car):
From Memanbetsu Airport ~ Approx.50 min.
From Kushiro Airport ~ Approx.1 and 1/2 hours.
From Kitami-city ~ Approx.50 min.
From Tsubetu-cho ~ Approx.30 min.
From Akan-kohan ~ Approx.30 min.

SHIGECHAN LAND, the red building appears suddenly when you are driving Route 240 surrounded both sides with trees. You will find a silo written "PARADISE ART MUSEUM" and a sign of SHIGECHAN LAND at the entrance.(Refer to the following figure.)

----> The Japanese label of a signboard.

Because the appearance is so outstanding, some speeding drivers get surprised and their eyes fasten on the building---"Wow! What is that?" Shigechan can see it sometimes and think---"Hey! Watch out!"
Please drive carefully when you visit SHIGECHAN LAND.

All visitors are requested to keep good manners.