Record of 2000 Eruption of Usu Volcano    JAPANESE

These HP's Photo were taken from a helicopter Self-Defense Force by Dr. Ui.
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April 8, 2000, from north direction

   Contents 1 Record, Eruption of USU Volcano
  Photo Record:
    ・Usu Volcano
・Nishi-yama Craters (Formation of Cryptodome) 
・Konpira Craters
・Disaster (Hot Lahar, Ash Fall, Crustal Movements)
・Disaster 2 (Crustal Movements, Lahar)
     ・Emergency Response, 2000 Eruption of Usu Volcano

    Contents 2 Other Information
・Location Map of Mount Usu (gif 47kb)
・View point Map of Usu Volcano (jpg111kb)

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