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1 ANONYMOUS Mahjong Rules ?
2 ANONYMOUS Standard rules for the chiness Domino game of Mahjong Hong kong ?
3 Bubcock,Joseph P. Bubcock's rules for mahjongg the red book of rules Mahjong company of Chaina(Shanghai) 1920
4 BUBCOCK,J.P. Bubcock's rules for mahjongg the red book of rules Mahjong seres company of America(San Francisco) 1923
5 BECK,Eileen Mahjong do's and don'ts Muthuen(London) 1923
6 BOBBY Maniere de compter au Mahjong et regres de jeu Libraipie plon 1924
7 BOULON,George Standerd rules and instructions for the chinese game of mahjong Brendy & sons(New york) 1924
8 BRAY,Jeen How to play Mahjong Putnum's sons (New york & London) 1923
9 BRAY,Jeen How to play Mahjong (Revised and much Enlarged Edition) Putnum's sons (New york & London) 1924
10 BROWN,Garleton A comprehensive guide to mahjong international game ltd.(Monreal) 1924
11 CECILl,Viola. L. Maajh,The American version of an ancient chinese game Hall co.(New York) 1938
12 Chad Valley Co. Mahjong sometimes called Spalow Chad valley co.(London) 1923
13 Chad Valley Co. Mahjong sometimes called Spalow(Enlarged) Chad valley co.(London) 1924
14 Chad Valley Co. The standard rules of mahjong and How to play it Chad valley co.(London) 1927
15 Chad Valley Co. Mahjong The 1000 year old game of china Chad valley co.(London) 192-
16 Chad Valley Co. Le Mahjong Kirby,beard(Paris) 192-
17 CHUE,John Alfred The masterung of Mahjong Yew kee printers 1925
18 CHIANG Lee Mahjong and How to play it Thomas de la rue(Lomdon) 1923
19 China Arts Trading How to play Mahjong The Chaina arts trading co.(Shanghai) 192-
20 China Textile Co. Diretions for playing Mah-cheuk China textile co.(Shanghai) 192-
21 CHOOK Yau Hin The diretions for playing Mah-cheuk Chook yau hin(Hongkong) 192-
22 CULIN,Stewart Chinese games with dice and domonos Annual report of u.s. national museum 1893
23 CULIN,Stewart Korean games with notes on the corresponding games of china and japan Universal of penn.(philadelphia) 1895
24 CULIN,Stewart The games of ma-jong, its prigin and significanse Brooklin museum quaterly 1924
25 De la rue Co. The pocket guide to mahjong De la rue Co. 1924
26 Deshler purchasing agency Rules for the chinese game of majong for use with D & A majong cards Deshler purchasing agency 1923
27 DOUGLASS, Silas J. Instruction,suggestion and rules for playing the chinese game of Mah-jong (Pasadena) 1923
28 DOYEN, Claude J. Rules for playing mah-jongg(the spalow) and suggestions for play Beresford linotype(Wasington) 1922
29 Dwigging, Eimer White dragons wild, and how to win at majong Phillips printing co.(Los Angeles) 1924
30 East wind Mah-jong Gibson & Sons(London) 1923
31 EN bai xin Instruction and suggestions for playing of Mah-jong EN bai xin(Shanghai?) 192-
32 ETIENNE Mah-jong and How to play it Methuen(London) 1923
33 FOSTER, R.F Foster's famous rules for Man-chu The u.s.playing card co.(Cincinnati) 1923
34 FOSTER, Robert F Foster on Mah-jong Dodd meed(New york) 1924
35 FOSTER, R.F Twenty point Mah-jong ****************** 1924
National Standard Mahjong Rules The Standard Rules Development ommittee 1924
37 Fulton specialty co. ma jong Fulton specialty co.(Elizabeth, N. J) 192-
38 GERSTEL, Ralph J. P. The green book of rules snd regulations for Mah jong Ma-jong club of chicago(Chicago) 1923
39 Green doragon Twenty five Mah jong limit hands and a few hints Hatchards 1924
40 Hamley Bros. Diretions for Mah-jong Hamley Bros. lid.(London) 192-
41 HARR, L. L. Pung-chow Harper & bros.(New york & London) 1922
42 HARR, L. L. How to play Pung-chow Harper & bros.(New york & London) 1923
43 HARR, L. L. Pung-chow in ten minutes Pung chow co.(New york) 1923
44 HARR, L. L. The game of a hundred intelligences Asia 1923
45 HARTMAN, Lee foster Standerdized Mah-jong Harper & bros.(New york & London) 1924
46 HIGGINSON, C. M. W. Mah jong how to play and scor J Jaques & son(London) 1923
47 Hillson co, Rules for playing Hillsons's chinese game knoun in chaina as Mah-chiang Hillson co.(Boston) 192-
48 Hillson co, Rules for playing Hillsons's chinese game knoun in chaina as Mah-chiang(Revised ed.) Hillson co.(Boston) 192-
49 I. M. P. A. The laws of Ma ching international Ma ching playyers' association(New Yorkl) 1924
50 IRWIN, Florence The complete Mah jong player Brentano's(New Yorkl) 1924
51 ISRAEL, Julius How to play Mahjong(Sparrow) Oriental export(New Yorkl) 1922
52 Jackpot Rules and guide to the game of Mah jong H. P. G. A. & S.(London) 192-
53 J. L. R. Regle du jeu de Mah jong ou jew des dragons (Paris) 192-
54 KAN, Andrew Mahn jong, A complete description of the game with authorative Shanghai trading co.(Detroit) 1923
55 KRATZMANN, Oskar Spieelregeln fur Mah-jong Piatnik(Wien) 192-
56 KRICK, Laonard B. The blue book of Mah-jong The royal game Beatly bros.(Chicago) 192-
57 KWNG Hing Loong The diretions for Mar-chuk KWNG Hing Loong(Hong kong) 192-
58 LANE, Thomas Modern Mah jong Rand mchally(New York, Chicago, San Francisco) 192-
59 LEEKUN, Y. G. How to play Mah-jong Y. G. Leekun(Victoria, Canada) 192-
60 LIM, Yang Chow The original rule of the ancient chinese game Y. C. LIM(Seattle) 1923
61 LINDSELL, R. E. Ma cheuk or Mah jongg (Hong Kong) 1922
62 LONG Sang Ti Ma-jong the ancient game of china LONG Sang Ti chinese curios co.(New York) 1922
63 LONG Sang Ti Ma-jong the ancient game of china,revised and enlarged LONG Sang Ti chinese curios co.(New York) 1924
64 LOWRY, Heren Bulitt Rise and present peril of Mah jong The New York times magazin 192-
65 Mah jong Manufacturing co. How to play Mah-jong The cathey lace co.(Shanghai) 192-
66 MANOVILL, Hugo Standerd rules for the ancient game of the mandaris Piroxloid products co.(New York) 1923
67 Milton bradley co. The ancient game of china Milton bradley co.(Springfield mass.) 1923
68 MORGAN, Cassy Bruce Ma jong scoring made easy, and notes on playing brentano's *************** 192-
69 MORRIS, W. C. The game of mahjuck : chainese domino Morris & lelecier(Los Angeles) 1922
70 NACHBAUR, Albert Le jew de matchang Albert machbaur(Pekin) 1922
71 NAFTALY, P. Rules and directions for the chinese game of Macheuck(sparrows) Recorder printing and publishing co.(San francisco) 1923
72 NAFTALY, P. How to play ma jong, rules and directions for playing majong ***************** 1922
73 Nan-Yeh inc. The oriental dragon mah jong Nanyang Bros. inc.(New York) 1923
74 Nanyeh bros. inc. Rules for playing Mah-jong Nanyeh bros. inc.(New York) 1923
75 NEVIN, Robert W. Complate instructions for Mah jong The hollis press(New York) 192-
76 NORDGREN, Ivan Mah jong spel-regler Evans svanstrom(Stockholm) 1925
77 Paker Bros. Rules for Mah jongg Paker Bros.(Sarem, mass. 1923
78 Perry & co. Mah jongg Perry & co. 1924
79 PETERSON, Henry Mah jong simpliified Thornton butterworth(London) 1924
80 RACSTER, Olga Official rules of the Mah-jong ************ 1924
81 RACSTER, Olga Hints on the skill and tactics of playing Mah-jongg ************ 1924
82 RIXFORD, Loring P. Rules for playing sparrow Lorion P. Rixford(New York) 1923
83 ROBERTSON, Marian Mah jong score book, with rules and definitions Wilmerrding & wilmerding(New York) 192-
84 ROSENBLATT, M. S. Majong(The game of sparrow) S & G gump(SAN Francisco) 1922
85 SANG, Ly Yy Sparrow the chinese game called Ma-chiau LONG Sang Ti chinese curios co.(New York) 1923
86 SANG, M. Ho. Mah jongg, the ancient game of china LONG Sang Ti chinese curios co.(New York) 192-
87 SCOTT, Vern E. Official rules for E-ring The greenley corp.(San Francisco) 1923
88 SCOTT, Vern E. Official rules for E-ring as played with cards The greenley corp.(San Francisco) 1923
89 SELAVISA, Alves, J. A. Mah jang made]clear Shanghai? 192-
90 SNYDER, Henry S. The Mah-jung manyal Houghton mifflin(Boston & New York) 1923
91 STERLING, Harold M. Machang Carey & co.(Shanghai) 1921
92 STERLING, Harold M. Standerd rules and instructions for the chinese game of mahjong Oriental arts co.(New Yorkl) 1923
93 TALBOT, Esmond Mah-jong made easy P. S. king & son(London) 1933
94 TCHOU Kia Kien Le jue de Mah-jong Monde noveau(Paris) 1924
95 TEI Tei Woo Mah jong in plain english ************* 1923
96 TOW, Jurius Su The outline of Mah jong Pacific printing(New York) 1924
97 TSAI Pieh Seng Le Mah-jong en china Serra(Roma) 1924
98 THMMER, A. A. Mah-jongg Tummer(Paris) 192-
99 VENT D'EST Le guide complate du Mah jongg Ernest flammarion(Paris) 1925
100 CECIL Viola L. MAAJH National Mahjong League 1938
101 WARREN, Emile Stanley The game of a Ma chiang Thomas Y. crowell(New York) 1924
102 WEI, Wing Lock The theory of Mah jong, the complate chinese rules of play Small, maynard & co.(Boston) 1925
103 WILCOX, Constance G. Mah-jongg, the play of on hundred intellgence in a prologue and one act C. C. Birchard(Boston) 1923
104 WINTERS, Edger S. Ma cheuk as played by the chinese Button(New York) 1923
105 WORK, Milton C. Mah-jongg up date John C. winston co.(philadelphia,chicago,toront) 1924
106 ZAWADIL, Rudolf Mah-jongg das altchinesische spiel Rudolf lechner & sohn(vienna) 1924
107 日本郵船 Mahjong麻雀 日本郵船 T13

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