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"MPED and Development economics"
The Graduate School of Economics was founded in 1950. Since 2002, the school has offered the Master's Program in Economic Development (MPED). In addition to setting the global standard for economics education, MPED has a rich history of practical experience in development economics, economic policy, industrial policy, and trade policy. All lectures and seminars are conducted entirely in English by international faculty members with a wealth of overseas experience.Development economics seeks to determine how poor countries can be transformed into prosperous ones. Strategies for transforming a developing economy tend to be unique, because the social and political background of countries can vary dramatically.

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"On this International Volunteer Day, let us recognize the contribution that volunteers make to societies all over the world...
and let us remember that each contribution, no matter how small, can help make a difference.
These dedicated and courageous individuals are important partners in the quest for a better, fairer and safer world."
Kofi A. Annan, United Nations Secretary-General, December 5, 2003

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