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Studio Edo

Studio Edo is available to create, record and edit music and spoken word. Pristine recording using state of the art microphones and preamps recorded directly to digital tape or computer hard disk is just the start. Computer editing then allows us to do all sorts of magic such as copying, editing, pitch correction, timing correction and more than you can imagine - all in the digital domain.

My studio is in my home and is perfect for those who want to work in a relaxed environment. This low overhead enables us to work for very competitive rates (trades may be possible). We can accommodate small groups in the main room and large groups in other rooms if need be. Of course, I am happy to help in any way I can, be it engineering, arranging or playing.

What else can we do for you? We can edit and transfer your recordings to and from different media, such as: 1/4" reel to reel (3 formats), DAT, MD, cassette, computer disk or CD. We can help design your promotion or CD/cassette cover and produce small runs of CDs. ( My wife is a graphic artist.)

We recently upgraded our facilities. We got rid of our
analog console analog 24 track
and now record and edit exclusively with the computer using state of the art hard disk recording and editing systems. We also have a completely portable laptop based system. We can go anywhere and record and write CDs.

Upper picture: In upper rack: Aphex 107 preamp, Symetrix 525 comp/limit, MTP 1, 2 and AV
In upper rack on right: patchbays, Fostex mixer, Alesis 12R mixer
In lower rack on right: MT-32, Proteus/2, TX-802, Sony DAT, TX-7, SPX-90 , Sony Reverb, Roland delay, Aphex Exciter, Akai sampler (South side)

Upper middle picture: ADATxts, MOTU 2408, jaz drive, PlexWriter 8/20, G3 and PowerMac 8100av (Southeast corner)

Lower middle picture: Piano and synthesizers (East side)

Lower picture: Drum set (West side)


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