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Renaissance lute music from Europe from 1508 to 1620. La Primavera Music for voice, lute, viola da gamba and recorder

Renaissance lute

Lute music from Europe from 1508 to 1620

Listen to Laudato Dio (track #5): This beautiful piece was published in 1508 in Joan Ambosio Dalza's Intabulatura de Lauto Libro Quarto.

#2-Listen to Passymeasures Pavane (track #26): This is a treble and ground lute duet by John Daniel.
The lute was the most popular instrument of the Renaissance. Even today there is probably more music for it that an any other instrument except the piano. The lute was regarded as an instrument associated with love and higher emotions, often depicted in pictures being played by angels. From the ancient times of Orpheus the lute has been capable of moving man and beast as if by magic.

1. Fors seulement (Josquin des Prez) Francesco da Milano 1497-1543
2. Pavana Joan Ambosio Dalza 1508
3. Saltarello Joan Ambosio Dalza
4. Piva Joan Ambosio Dalza
5. Laudato Dio Joan Ambosio Dalza
6. Calata Joan Ambosio Dalza
7. La Campagna Francesco da Milano
8. Welscher Tantz Hans Neusidler 1536
9. My Lady Hundsonユs Puffe John Dowland 1564-1626
10. Volt Anon.
11. Curent Anon.
12. Fantasia Alonzo Muddara 1546
13. Prelude Pierre Attaignant 1529
14. Bransle de village Troisieme Robert Ballard 1611
15. Contrapunto Primo Vincentio Galilei 1584
16. So ben mi cユha bon tempo Orazio Vecchi 1600
17. The Fairy Round Anthony Holborne 1562-1602
18. Bianco fiore Anon. 1600
19. Dell Attore Anon. 1600
20. Kempユs Jig Anon.
21. Bransle de la Torche Anon.
22. Gassen hawer Hans Neusidler
23. A Time for Us Nino Rota
24. Oxenfordユs Masque Anon.
25. Greensleeves Francis Cutting
26. Passymeasures Pavane John Daniel 1564-1625
27. Rest Sweet Nymphs Francis Pilkington 1570-1638
28. Now O Now I Needs Must Part John Dowland

Total running time: 59:22

La Primavera

Songs and instrumentals from Renaissance England and the continent

Listen to Dear if You Change (Track #2): This song was published in 1597 in John Dowland's First Book of Songs.

La Primavera, features talented players from Canada and the U.S.A. performing the repertoire my group La Primavera performs. Most of the songs are in English, two are in Italian. The instrumental pieces feature viola da gamba, recorder and lute.

  1. Oxenford Anon.
  2. Dear if You Change John Dowland
  3. Ungaresca Anon.
  4. Cease Leaden Slumber Dreaming Thobias Hume
  5. Amarilli mia Bella Guilio Caccini
  6. Recercata primera Diego Ortiz
  7. In Darkness Let me Dwell John Dowland
  8. Volt & La Primavera Anon.
  9. When To Her Lute Corina Sings Philip Rosseter/Thomas Campion
  10. Pastime with Good Company Henry the VIII
  11. Rest Sweet Nymphs Francis Pilkington/Thomas Campion
  12. Soldiers Song Thobias Hume
  13. Can She Excuse My Wrongs John Dowland
  14. Wolsey's Wilde William Byrd
  15. Come again Sweet Love doth Now invite John Dowland
  16. Martin Said to His Man Anon.
  17. Fortune my Foe Anon.
  18. Recercata segunda Diego Ortiz
  19. Tobacco Thobias Hume
  20. Sorrow, Stay John Dowland
  21. Sweet Kate Robert Jones
  22. Bransle de Malte Anon.
  23. Now Hath Flora Robb'd her bow'rs Thomas Campion
  24. I Saw My Lady Weepe John Dowland
  25. Greensleeves Anon.
Total running time: 70:27

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