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Here are some of my favorite sites. Most of these have lots of links to other related sites.
  • Interview with me in the Tokyo Classified

    Early Music -lots of lute related stuff

    Recording, Electronic and Computer Music

    Miscellaneous music related

    Friends & Family


  • Apple History Description of every model from the beginning to the present.
  • Acta a free outliner You can't beat the price. Wonderful little program.
  • The Insanely Great Mac web page This site is great for beginners to give them a wide range of sites to start off with, and also for the pros to help find the more obscure sites.
  • VersionTracker - Mac Software Updates
  • Driverguide Drivers for printers, scanners, etc.

  • Shopping

  • Welcome to Tokyo Classified
  • Pricewatch
  • The Guide To Where To Buy Computer Products: ComputerESP


  • One Good Move My almost daily go-to site. Clips from the Daily Show and others, links to more serious stuff. When it comes to politics you have to laugh to keep from crying.
  • The Straight Dope The official Internet home of Cecil Adams, World's Smartest Human Being, and his famous syndicated column The Straight Dope.

    Science and Technology

  • Main Menu @
  • Earth and Sky Homepage
  • How Stuff Works
  • The Mad Scientist Network Scientists from around the world answer questions about everything!
  • Brian's Brain Miscellaneous humor. You could waste way more time there than you have already wasted here!

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